“Sunglasses? They are just for fashion.”

Most people would say something along the lines of that. Indeed, sunglasses are insanely famous for fashion, due to its fancy designs. However, sunglasses have so much benefit beyond what we could imagine—and no, I don’t mean that they can’t shot a laser beam, mind you.

There are several advantages of wearing sunglasses. First, sunglasses protect our eyes from strong ultraviolet rays. National Eye Institute (NEI) has stated that the sun’s ultraviolet is not only bad for skin but also dangerous to unprotected eyes. Moreover, 20% cases of prolonged UV exposure can cause cataracts. Not only cataracts, UV ray can also cause macular degeneration and pterygium that leads to astigmatism.

Eyes are a pair ofdelicate organs and they are sensitive to foreign objects, such as sand, snow, and dust and wind. Getting sand in our eyes can be dangerous. A tiny particle of sand can scratch our eyes and may cause permanent damage if not treated immediately. It may come as a surprise to us, but spending time in the snow can actually be harmful to our eyes. This is due to the fact that snow reflects 80% of UV rays, causing snow blindness. The best way to prevent eye conditions is by wearing sunglasses to keep our eyes protected from the elements.

Besides protection, sunglasses also make us stylish and fancy (and also can be used as a camouflage to hide a pimple near the eyes). It does not matter what clothes you wear, be it ski clothes, bikinis, beach shorts, or even everyday clothes, a pair of sunglasses will definitely add beauty to our faces. With the right sunglasses, outdoor walking never feels so dull again (imagine every head turns over and gawk at your improved visage).

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