Some people might think that sunglasses are no more than a fashion statement. While it is certainly advocated as fashionable, wearing sunglasses is more than about being cool or trendy.It is meant to be a protection for our eyes against ultraviolet.

Do you know that too much exposure of ultraviolet isn’t only harmful to our skin, but also to your eyes as well? Overexposed eyescan suffer both short and long-term ocular problems, including photokeratitis, snow blindness, cataracts, and various eye cancers. One way to prevent this condition is wearing a pair of sunglasses coated in UV protection when you are under the bright light of the sun, and the standard for sunglasses is UV400 so that it can protect our eyes from about 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

You can find sunglasses practically everywhere, although not all of them has UV protection. This is unfortunate that there are still many manufacturers focusing only on the safety testing and doesn’t give too much concern for UV protection. Therefore, it is important to do some research before you decide on buying a pair, to make sure that the shade you are going to purchase has what it is needed for.

While the priority of getting a pair of sunglasses is its function and effectiveness, no one is saying that we can’t get both style and function. You should totally buy something you like and something that looks good on you. Fortunately, you don’t always need to go to branded sunglasses for the best protection. In fact, a seven-dollars shades, as long as coated in UV protection, don’t give less protection for our eyes compared to expensive sunglasses—but, yeah, there is always the risk of the design to be less than what you desire. And this is where Sunglasses Dealer comes in as the balance of your need.

Sunglasses Dealer, an online sunglasses shop, provides both style and protection at affordable price. The shop providesa wide number of varieties ofsunglasses products, including cat eye, pilot, rectangle, round, and sport, for either men and women. Just check out the description of each product to find the most suitable for you, and do not forget to customize the lenses/prescription, color, and the frame color to suit your need.

The shop always has special offers all year around. Every productis discounted, some of them up to 50%. Also, when you visit the website,, try out your luck through their RNG system and win additional discount or free sunglasses.

If you have made your decision, make your purchase, pay through Sunglasses Dealer’s payment method, and the shop will ship it to your front door after getting your confirmation. Get your style and keep your eyes healthy by shopping at Sunglasses Dealer!

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